Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nails Nails Nails

Found this great new nail company that I would love to try! Check out their merchandise tell me what you think! Kawaii Factory

Thursday, December 1, 2011

H&M Haul

I recently went to H&M and picked up a few pieces to add to my wardrobe! I bought some of these items on the Michigan Ave H&M store & some at castle ton square mall in Indy. What do you think?

Awesome dress for work & church

I LOVE THIS SKIRT it has a little tulle underneath to puff it out. Wearing it with the turtle neck

SO Futuristic looking

Every girl needs a tight fitting turtle neck in her closet

Same style less money

I was reading a blog that I normally visit Haute & Rebellious and recently Maria DeLa Cruz started selling clothing and shoes through her blog. I noticed that in one of her posts she is wearing this sequined cropped tank & it looked very familiar. After further examination I noticed it is the SAME top that they sell here in Indiana at a store called pitaya not only is it the same top but her top happens to be $65.00 while the one here is merely $36.00. I hope that this was not bought from the same vendor and the prices inflated. Never the less if you would like to purchase this outfit I will post the links.

Mint Palazzo Pants $80.00

Sequin Cropped Top $65.00

Similar Palazzo Pants (hem kinda tacky)

What do you think about those hems? o__O

Same sequin cropped top $36.00


I left for Chicago friday evening and got to Chicago around 7pm. I was about 50th in line and i was very excited for the night ahead of me. After about 11 hours of waiting in thirty degree weather the shrink manager came out and told us to line up and they would pass out the bracelets very soon. In order to get a bracelet you must have been in line and personally waited all night. People had other people waiting for them which caused a scuffle when it was time for the bracelets. Security and H&M quickly tired to deescalate the situation. When I got my bracelet I was in the 8:45 queue to shop the H&M for Versace. I was so excited. When they let us go in to shop there were about 15 people in my group and I went straight for the jacket. When I got to the jacket i was seeing all sizes fours and twos. Then I finally saw a six and a woman snatched it from me. I grabbed a four and then went to the dresses. I didn't see any sizes larger than a four in the leather dress. I grabbed the pink dress, some black shoes the black purse some earrings and a bracelet. After you time was up you had to either try on on pay for your merchandise. I went to the fitting room & NONE of the clothes fit. The pink dress was cheap looking the leather dress was way too tight. I began to analyze the products and realized I HATED the tone of gold Donatella decided to use. It was so cheap. The garments were not made with QUALITY. The hem on my leather jacket was crooked the lining was almost bigger than the coat it was basically CHEAP. I was completely PISSED that I thought that the quality was going to be up to par. The materials she used were all very cheap and nothing like portrayed online. Right now I'm deciding whether to keep my jacket, return my jacket, sell my jacket or buy one that is like a size 10 even though I'm closer to a 4/6. Basically Versace for H&M was a complete disappointment and a waste of my time, money and energy. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE                    

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My heart about fell in my stomach when I first heard about the Versace line debuting for H&M clothing stores. Since then I know the items I want to buy. I will be spending the night outside of H&M in Chicago on Michigan Ave!! Get Ready cause IM COMING!

Still debating on whether or not I should purchase this dress... what do you think?

I will murder for this slice of heaven

Sisters in Fashion

My cousins have a fashion blog and I would love for you all to check it out. They are awesome and both have a great eye for fashion. Must run in our blood. Have a great week dolls!



New Purchase

I just purchased this sequined jacket. I have the same samantha dress from french connection and I was in need of an awesome new years eve outfit so i decided to go with this!! Tell me if it is HAUTE or NOT