Thursday, December 1, 2011

Same style less money

I was reading a blog that I normally visit Haute & Rebellious and recently Maria DeLa Cruz started selling clothing and shoes through her blog. I noticed that in one of her posts she is wearing this sequined cropped tank & it looked very familiar. After further examination I noticed it is the SAME top that they sell here in Indiana at a store called pitaya not only is it the same top but her top happens to be $65.00 while the one here is merely $36.00. I hope that this was not bought from the same vendor and the prices inflated. Never the less if you would like to purchase this outfit I will post the links.

Mint Palazzo Pants $80.00

Sequin Cropped Top $65.00

Similar Palazzo Pants (hem kinda tacky)

What do you think about those hems? o__O

Same sequin cropped top $36.00

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